Aleksander W. Nitka

PhD (Nottingham), BSc (Leicester)


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the the Consciousness Lab, Institute of Psychology, at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. My main focus is to manage, quality control and analyse behavioural and neuroimaging data collected for the large-scale research project aiming to investigate the early and late neural correlates of consciousness.

In 2021, I have completed my PhD in experimental psychology as a part of the behavioural neuroscience group at the University of Nottingham where I was supervised by Jasper Robinson and Ed Wilding and worked on associative learning approach to human recognition memory. My research was funded by the BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership.

During the course of my doctoral training, I have visited the lab of Nancy Carlisle (Carlisle Attention and Memory Lab, Lehigh University) where we investigated an interplay between working memory and attention. Prior to that, I worked as an RA at the Centre for Systems Neuroscience (University of Leicester), where, together with Joaquín Navajas we focused on visual attention and awareness.

Working with data is my passion. In 2021 I have earned a postgraduate diploma in Data Science from the AGH University of Technology in Krakow, Poland.

selected publications

  1. An associative analysis of recognition memory: Relative recency effects in an eye-tracking paradigm.
    Aleksander NitkaCharlotte Bonardi, and Jasper Robinson
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition 2020